Learn By Doing:

CE: Peter Wentworth is a challenging, educational visual novel game for medical and other health professional students focusing on a patient with an addiction to an opioid. Within a simulated patient encounter, you will experience the short-term and long-term impact of your clinical choices.

This case is centered around an anesthesiologist, Peter Wentworth, who has an addiction to fentanyl.  In this clinical simulation, you will make choices acting first in the role of an administrator (Parts I and II) and then, in the part of a clinician (Parts III). This case will challenge you to recognize the circumstances in which a physician should be reported for drug-related impairment. It will reveal the process involved in recovery for an impaired physician including:

~ Protections and privacy for physician patients treated for substance use
~ Ways that a physician's recovery can be facilitated
~ The unique personal circumstances and challenges when a physician is impaired, such as the effects on their reputation and potential continued cue exposure with a return to work
~ The potential effect of an impaired physician on patients, colleagues, and the practice
~ The approach and success rates of Healthy Physician Programs

You will complete typical steps of a patient encounter and receive feedback after each step: 

~ Review medical record
~ Complete an evaluation and treatment plan
~ Make a plan of care for your patient

Feedback is color-coded to let you know whether you made the best selection, a less than ideal selection, or an incorrect selection. With the ability to retry a section or continue down paths to see impacts of different decisions, you will learn by doing without causing real-world negative outcomes.

Who We Are:

The CE: PainTx suite of cases were developed by Clinical Tools, Inc. through a NIDA grant ( #1R44DA035042 ). The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health. 

Our company is a diverse group with expertise in medicine, psychology, public health, basic sciences, programming, project and program management, gaming, information technology and communications. We create scalable, usable, and broadly available online education and training to improve the ability of current and future health care providers to care for patients to ultimately improve health outcomes nationwide. We specifically:

~ Deliver skills to professionals that are needed to improve their current/future practice
~ Improve competence, performance, and patient outcomes
~ Promote best practices and evidence-based treatment
~ Train by interactive scenario-based clinical challenges
~ Create without funding from pharmaceutical or other industry sources
~ Empower group leaders to create a unique solution, identify problems, ensure progress, and enhance success

Clinical Tools, Inc. and Health Impact Studio provides continuing education for physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and substance use counselors. We have received Small Business Innovative Research grant awards from the NIH and other federal programs. Clinical Tools is committed to quality online medical education in order to enhance the abilities of current and future health professionals.


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